Music Pictures

About Music Pictures

Music Pictures is a major international image library, serving professional image buyers and media businesses all over the world. provides an independent collection of music and music-related images implemented in archives that embrace every music style and genre, representing over 15000 artists, from 1920's Jazz to the latest cutting edge.

What TESOBE did

TESOBE designed, wrote and maintains the entire infrastructure as well as managing the VPNs and telephone system using Asterisk. Music Pictures uses a full stack of TESOBE-developed software:

  • Calypso: The main site runs on Django. Django communicates with the database using a combination of stored procedures and ORM calls.
  • Horizon, a Java based photographers upload tool communicates with an XMLRPC API
  • Digipics, a Microsoft Access back office tool for library and accounts management.
  • Sysiphus, a Python-based image processing system
  • Atlas: This is the heart of the backend system which makes extensive use of Oracle 10G PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers and search technology.

How can we help you?

If you have a project that we can help you with, don't hesitate to contact us! Call us at +49 (0)30 8145 3994 or send an email to